Tanita Tikaram – Everybody’s Angel

Tanita Tikaram

Tanita Tikaram was one of the quirkiest and unlikeliest of stars ever to hit the charts when she first emerged as a shy, unassuming 18-year-old in 1988.

The daughter of a Fijian father and a Malaysian mother, she was born in Germany (where her father served in the military) and came to England with her family when she was 12, living in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

She was still in her teens when she started singing in night clubs and was spotted by a scout and signed to WEA Records and her first album ‘Ancient Heart’ was produced by Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke.

Tanita Tikaram – Good Tradition

On the back of two major hit singles, the intelligently catchy ‘Good Tradition’ and ‘Twist in My Sobriety’, her debut album was an instant success, while Tanita Tikaram herself proved to be a fascinating character, while her sorrowful voice, grounded attitude, exotic background, strong folk-pop melodies and profound, poetic lyrics standing her apart from any other teen act at the time.

Subsequent albums ‘The Sweet Keeper’ (1990), ‘Everybody’s Angel’ (1991) and the self-produced ‘Eleven Kinds of Loneliness’ (1992) proved less successful, but she retained cult hero status, even during periods when she took long breaks from the music industry while living in San Francisco, recording and touring only sporadically.

In 2012 she released her first album for seven years, ‘Can’t Go Back’, produced by Paul Bryan and featuring guest vocalist Grant Lee-Phillips, and she started touring again with a blues-jazz touring band heard to full effect on her 2016 album ‘Closer to the People’.

Tanita Tikaram is known for her powerful, husky voice, and poetic and somewhat obscure lyrics.

Tanita Tikaram nostalgia

Tanita Tikaram acompanha-me à muitos anos e vai continuar a estar presente, comecei a ouvir no vinil e cassetes, passei pelo CD e acabo agora a ouvir nas plataformas digitais de musica. Vi concertos em VHS e no Youtube. Espero que possa trazer alguma nostalgia e emoção a quem como eu, ouviu esta cantora, obrigado Tanita Tikaram.


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